Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Flower Fix


Sorry for the delay in getting the Friday Flower Fix posted. Jayla had her Spring/Easter Program this morning (more on that later). Then her class had an Easter Egg hunt. THEN...they said she could leave early and get a head start on Spring break. So we did what everyone loves to do at the beginning of Spring break...we went grocery shopping! LOL

Anyway, here's your fix:

"If you pass by the Color Purple in a field and don't notice it, God gets real pissed off"
(This is a quote by "Shug Avery" from my all time favorite movie, The Color Purple)
Have a beautiful weekend!


gold said...

Lovely picture. Hurry up summer!

denaid said...

I got really excited for a second because I thought you took this picture and I wanted to know where!!

Great photo. ;)

Susie Q said...

LOVE the picture...I well remember that quote. It popped into my head just before I read what you had written!
Have a sweet weekend!